Fabric: 3SP® – Zone 3: Under 40ºF

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This outstanding top blends our two fabulous Zone 3 fabrics, 3SP® and SwiftPro™ for unbeatable performance and plenty of reflectivity. The 3SP® on the front and arms blocks the wind up to 35 mph and dries faster than any fabric on the planet. Soft, comfortable quick-wicking SwiftPro™ is found under the arms and on the back to help regulate temperature. It has a 13-inch reflective front zipper, reflective tape on key seams, and a large back zippered pocket. Great for nordic skiing, cycling, running, and hiking. Simply said, we think it's the best technical winter top available for aerobic athletes. Windproof up to 35 mph. *Note: We recommend that you wash garments with 3SP fabric inside out to protect the outer surface. Hang dry, do not put in the clothes dryer.

3SP® (76% polypropylene, 13% polyester, 11% spandex)SwiftDry™ SwiftPro™ (92% polyester, 8% spandex)


Men's Pursuit Top





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3 Reviews

Nick S 13th Feb 2023

3SP pursuit top

I replaced my 20 year old original 3sp top. I love the new one more than the old one. The old one was great at keeping out the wind and keeping me warm on cold xc ski days. But the sleeves were narrow, chest tight, forcing me into an XL. At the time I was 185-190lbs at 5 ft 9 in. Clearly the top was not made for someone of my build, 42inch chest, 32 inch waist and 15+” arms. The new one is.

At 65 yrs old it’s I’m down to 165-170lbs but body dims have not changed, other than an inch smaller waist. So now I’m in a medium which fits perfect and has plenty of arm space for base layers. Love the top and love the new colorful back panel. Also love the softer fabric, no longer attracts dog hair which would get interwoven into the old style jerseys fabric. A very much improved 3sp Jersey!

Josh R 18th Jan 2023

Great piece of gear.

This is the best piece of winter gear that I own. I use it to run and cycle in during winter months. We live in Houston but in the past 2 weeks I have run with it in Montana and Colorado. It is not bulky, it is form fitting and with another long sleeve tech shirt under it I've been out in 20 degree weather with no issues. I recently purchased a 2nd one so as not to wear them out. I highly recommend this top.

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