Men's XC™ 3SP® Pursuit Top

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This outstanding top blends our two fabulous Zone 3 fabrics, 3SP® and SwiftPro™ for unbeatable performance and plenty of reflectivity. The 3SP® on the front and arms blocks the wind up to 35 mph and dries faster than any fabric on the planet. Soft, comfortable quick-wicking SwiftPro™ is found under the arms and on the back to help regulate temperature. It has a 13-inch reflective front zipper, thumbholes, reflective tape on key seams, and a large back zippered pocket. Great for nordic skiing, cycling, running, and hiking. Simply said, we think it's the best technical winter top available for aerobic athletes.  
Men's Sizes:  S-XL
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4 Reviews

Tim Quick 27th Nov 2020


It's a great top for cold weather running and other activities -- I've been wearing them for years. However, they eliminated the chest pocket that was perfect to secure a cell phone. Instead, there is a zippered pouch in the back, which might be fine for other things, but not for a cell phone as it flops up-and-down as I run. It would be better to have both a chest pocket for a cell phone and a back pocket.

David Mack 27th Nov 2020

PURSUIT TOP exceeds all expectations!

I am thoroughly pleased and impressed with the performance of the Pursuit Top. It is truly an all weather top. I had the opportunity to wear it two days in a row in inclement weather. The first day, I ran 8 miles in chilly 35 degree temperature. The Top kept me comfortably warm throughout my run. Moreover, it is lightweight, form fitting and perfect for running in. The second day, I wore it on a 70 mile bike ride in the rain. I was most impressed with how well it held up against the cold wind and rain. I could not have anticipated 30 miles into my ride, the road would be blocked for 20 minutes for construction crews on the highway. Sitting there totally exposed to the elements in the rain, I knew I should turnaround before my body temperature began drop. I soon realized not only was I not getting cold, I was not getting soaked from constant rain! Needless to say, I was able to complete my ride in comfort and fully protected from the elements. Truly the best winter Top I have ever worn.

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