Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 Flashlight

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Winter exercise often means running or walking in the dark.  We tested all types of lights...headlamps, waistbelts, clip-on lights and hand-held lights.  This one came out on top.  We liked the well-designed hand strap (your hand can need to grip tightly once the light is on) and downward projection angle of the light (light shines where you need it and oncoming runners are not blinded!).  The 113 Lumen LED light is bright enough to see well, but is not can still see peripherally depending upon the light conditions.  A rear-facing red LED light gives you visibility from the back.  A head-turning click-on siren is ready to use if help is needed.  Pretty nifty...a nice gift for the runner or walker you love.  

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1 Review

27th Oct 2016

Zephyr Fire100

The flashlight is great but the emergency siren volume is poor.

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