Reflective Knit Glove

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Reflective yarn makes these heathered knit gloves light up the night when in the path of lightbeams. Perfect for a winter run or a walk in the park.
Fabric: 100% Acrylic
Sizes:  S-XL
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13 Reviews

Kathryn 31st Dec 2022

Warm and bright

Brilliant idea to make a reflective glove. SUPER warm and perfect for winter time exercise. Not the glove if you want to have fine motor skills, but THE one if you want to have toasty warm fingers. Bravo!

Christianne Kratka 15th Feb 2022


These gloves are GREAT!!! SO WARM!!! I suffer from cold cold white fingertips in the winter and
these are the gloves to solve that problem. The inner lining is soft in addition to being warm. I got
the purple color which I LOVE!! Stylish and functional. Thanks SportHill!!

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