Reflective Knit Glove

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Reflective yarn makes these heathered knit gloves light up the night when in the path of lightbeams. Perfect for a winter run or a walk in the park.
Fabric: 100% Acrylic
Sizes:  S-XL
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Christianne Kratka 15th Feb 2022


These gloves are GREAT!!! SO WARM!!! I suffer from cold cold white fingertips in the winter and
these are the gloves to solve that problem. The inner lining is soft in addition to being warm. I got
the purple color which I LOVE!! Stylish and functional. Thanks SportHill!!

Carol K Thomas 14th Feb 2022

Reflective knit glove

Again, Sport Hill agent recommended this as only available glove warm enough to deal with my recently diagnosed Raynaud's disease. Yes, it's a warm glove but so boxy and thick that ordinary maneuvers one can do wearing most gloves are impossible with this thick, bunchy material. I could barely unzip my jacket with these on, let alone check my pedometer reading or get into my car.

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