Reflective Knit Glove

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Reflective yarn makes these heathered knit gloves light up the night when in the path of lightbeams. Perfect for a winter run or a walk in the park.
Fabric: 100% Acrylic
Sizes:  S-XL
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7 Reviews

Duncan 5th Feb 2021

Really warm gloves

I bought these gloves thinking they were just knit but they are actually lined as well and so are very warm. I have run in these gloves at 20F with lower windchill and my hands stayed warm. They are a bit bulkier than I expected but the warmth makes up for it. May buy another pair.

Jim 30th Nov 2020

Reflective knit gloves

I know these gloves were designed for cozy warmth and reflectivity but as a test I have been wearing on while cycling down into the mid 30's and have my hands have stayed warm. I also cross country skied in these gloves last weekend when the air temp was 37 on a sunny day and my hands stayed very warm. They aren't very "techy" looking but I have been very surprised at how well they have worked for me in activities where I normally would use one of our more technical gloves.

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