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Women's Saga Tight

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These awesome 3SP® tights have flatlocked seams, 7-inch zippers at the ankles, and a contoured, flattering cut. Our 3SP® fabric provides the superb performance features every winter athlete desires: wind protection and the uncanny ability to wick and dry faster than any fabric on the planet. This will be your warmest tight! The Saga is made with a non-roll elastic waistband with internal drawcord, internal key/card pocket and gripper hem.

  • 3SP® (90% polypropylene, 10% spandex)
  • Tight, close to body fit
  • Comfort rise
  • Non-roll elastic waistband
  • Inside key/card envelope pocket
  • 7" ankle zips
  • Gripper elastic inside leg hems
  • Chafe-Free inseams
  • 3SP fabric blocks the wind to 35 mph
  • Available in 2 lengths: Medium-Long, Large-Long
Women's Saga Tight   Fit: Fitted; Comfort rise
Waist 25-29" 27-32" 27-32" 27-32" 29-34" 29-34" 29-34" 31-36" 31-36" 31-36" 33-38"
Garment Inseam Length 27" 26" 28" 29" 27.5" 30" 30" 28" 31" 32.5"  

*Note that inseam lengths may vary between pant styles and may vary from pant to pant slightly in the same style and size due to the stretch nature of our fabrics.
The measurements of one pair may not match charts below exactly due to the nature of cutting and sewing stretch fabric.

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12 Reviews

Maisie 19th Feb 2021

Saga tight

I have four pairs of these in XS bought years ago and am still wearing. They are better than anything else for cold weather. At this point they are well worn and pilling, and I would love to replace them with new ones, but they are no longer made or offered in XS. The other options are too baggy. I so wish Sport Hill would bring these back into their product offerings. They are warm, comfortable, and keep their shape, don't bag at the knees. They have worn well. I want to buy more!

Editors note: We have had supply chain issues with our 3sp fabric. It is being produced again and we plan on having the Saga Tight back in stock by Fall 2021.

Irene 10th Nov 2020

The 2005 model was way better than 2020

I am a huge fan of SportHill and own just under a dozen of items. Loved Saga tights from 2005, warm, close fit, smooth, no piling at all, nothing to catch the boots, or the ties, or anything on the trail. No pockets and no ankle zippers was perfect - nothing worse then falling on something in the pocket and ending up with a bruise at best... When SportHill added ankle zippers that rub terribly without a base layer, I kept hoping for a no zipper version. Come on, how do those zippers help? You don't put tights on top of the boot, you are not putting shields on like in the soccer, etc. The only purpose of that zipper seem to be rub your skin when worn directly. Yes, cross country skiing does need a base layer but if you want to use them for winter running in harsh cold or walking or running errands in town (i.e., no base layer) you will end up with an ankle ulcer from zipper rubbing...I still have my 2005 Sara, repaired them on the inner seems several times as the flatlock got damaged by my expanded thighs after gaining weight. I still prefer 2005 Saga to 2010 model, to 2016 model and 2020 model. Warm, form fitting, smooth, sleek...As they say, new is well forgotten old. Maybe SportHill will remember 2005...

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