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XC® 3SP® Glove

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The XC® 3SP® features sleek style lines with the additional benefit of smart phone compatibility. Works extremely well for highly aerobic activities such as running, cross-country skiing, hiking, and cycling. This glove offers 3SP® wind resistance, comfortable maneuverability and lightweight protection. Suitable for general use.

  • 3SP® (90% polypropylene, 10% spandex)
  • SwiftDry™SwiftPro™ (92% polyester, 8% spandex)
  • Boxed, full-finger glove
  • Tech-Touch pointer fingers & thumbs
  • Gripper dot on pliable SwiftPro™ palms
  • Pop-proof stretch seams
  • 3SP® back hand and wrist
  • SwiftPro™ fabric blocks the wind to 25 mph
  • 3SP® Fabric blocks the wind to 35 mph
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11 Reviews

Jennifer Woltjen 5th Feb 2021

#SP Tech Glove - Disappointed with the technology

I ordered these gloves primarily for the "benefit of smart phone compatibility" per the description. Per the description, the gloves had "Tech-Touch pointer fingers & thumbs." I was looking for gloves that I could use when taking photos on my iPhone.
After several attempts, I figured out that I needed to touch the phone screen with the tip of the glove finger. I have a small hand the the Small size was just a little bit too big for me. I had to pull the glove back and then touch the phone screen with the finger tip - a little bit of extra material there. Not very easy to do.
I am disappointed and plan to ask for a refund.

Second, the glove grips are not very grippy on a ski pole unless you are holding the pole by the grip. If you move your gloved hand down the pole, the gloves were very slippery on the poles. Especially if the pole is wet from falling in the snow.

Definitely need to offer an Extra Small in these gloves. Do not buy them for the Tech.

Jay 7th Mar 2020

XC 3sp tech gloves

Disappointing on a windy 45 degree bike ride. They're pretty and fit well but, alas, overhyped and overpriced.

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