Poly Cotton Spandex

Original Running Stirrup Pant

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Cool enough in warm weather and warm enough in cooler weather...this pant is built to provide the ultimate in comfort, fit, and function–the warmth of sweats without the bulk. The fabric is incredibly soft and durable for all day use. These timeless pants are a simple answer to your Zone 2 pant dilemmas.

  • Poly/Cotton/Spandex (46% Polyester/46% Cotton/8% Spandex) Fabric Made in USA
  • Cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Stirrups keep the pant legs in place
  • Inside key/card pocket
  • Unisex Sizing
  • Available in 2 lengths: Medium-Long, Large-Long
Original Pant   Fit: Semi-fitted; Natural waistline
Waist 22-27" 24-30" 26-32" 26-32" 28-34" 28-34" 32-36" 32-38"
Garment Inseam Length 27" 28" 29" 31" 30" 32" 31" 32"




*Note that inseam lengths may vary between pant styles and may vary from pant to pant slightly in the same style and size due to the stretch nature of our fabrics.
The measurements of one pair may not match chart above exactly due to the nature of cutting and sewing stretch fabric.

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64 Reviews

Gene 6th Sep 2018

SportHill pants

Almost all SportHill pants run long. I, most of all should know this. I was a dealer- and still am a very happy very satisfied user - since 1991. Recently I had to replace a pair of very ancient Stirrup pants. The elastic waistband threatened to leave me... without. So I ordered ML for my 32 inseam. Its 2" too long and it always was. Thanks Sport Hill for building great athletic wear "forever".

Charlie Freda 28th Aug 2018


I still have a pair of these from the mid-80's and although a bit worn after 30+ years I still run in them and they are just as GREAT as ever! Picked them up at a meet when I met fellow Virginia running GREAT Jim Hill, founder of Sporthill...

Wondering about durability and quality? Look no further than these running pants ... 30+ years and still running strong!

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