The SportHill Story

When our founder, Jim Hill, left Virginia to run track and attend college at the University of Oregon, he quickly discovered that his usual cotton sweats and nylon shorts were no match for Oregon’s cold, rainy winter weather and it's hot and dry summers.  

While running and racing in Europe, this five-time All-American. four time PAC 10 champion, and World Championship competitor continued to search for clothing more appropriate for Oregon’s climate.

Ultimately he made his own clothing to fill the void. His quest for technically better clothing continued into the outdoor market where he developed 3SP fabric—the fastest drying stretch knit fabric in the world.

Born on the tracks and trails of Oregon, our mission is to make the world's most comfortable run, outdoor, cycling, and ski clothing.   We have remained passionate and independent since our founding in 1985.   

Customer Satisfaction

SportHill has grown to satisfy customers worldwide, designing and producing apparel that meets or exceeds the requirements of world class athletes. Our staff of competitive athletes and sponsored teams also includes Olympic Champions, National Teams, and elite adventurers who continually test, innovate, refine and improve our clothing.

From the top of Mount Everest, through the sands of the Sahara, in the snow of Antarctica, and on the Olympic medal podium, SportHill's clothing can be found, providing unmatched performance, superior quality, and guaranteed comfort. We are committed to manufacturing the world’s best performance apparel.


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