The SportHill Story

When our founder, Jim Hill, left Virginia to run track and attend college at the University of Oregon, he quickly discovered that his usual cotton sweats and nylon shorts were no match for Oregon’s cold and rainy winter weather and it's hot and dry summers.

Jim's background in track and cross country runs deep.  Starting as a freshman in High School in 1975, Jim quickly found success in cross country and track and graduated with five Virginia State titles, two state meet records, and the Virginia all time two mile record of 8:47.7.  That same year, 1979, Jim made the USA Junior Cross Country Team and finished 12th in the World Championships. 

As a collegiate athlete Jim was awarded 5 NCAA D1 All American Honors and won 4 Pac 10 Conference championships, 2 in cross country and 2 and track and field.  Having qualified for the NCAA cross country championships 3 times, his top finish of 5th (2nd American) occurred his senior year with a team finish of 3rd.   At the NCAA Track and Field Championships Jim improved each of the four years he qualified, improving his last three years with finishes of 7th, 5th, and 3rd (1st American) in 1984, which coincided with his team of the University of Oregon winning the NCAA Team Championship.  Jim qualified and competed at 3 Olympic Trials, 1980, 1984, and 1988.  In 1983 Jim took a redshirt year at Oregon and proceeded to set personal records in the 5,000 meters (13:19) and 10,000 meters (27:55).   That same summer Jim made the USA Team and competed in the 5,000 meters at the first Track and Field World Championships  which were held in Helsinki, Finland just missing the finals by one place.   Jim showed versatility as a runner who could compete from  the mile (3:56 PR) up to 10 miles (47.73), in cross country, on the roads, and on the track.  In addition to the NCAA and open USA championships he also competed in Canada, Europe and Asia, both as a professional runner and as a USA Track and Field Team member. 

While in college, Jim became interested in developing better running gear.   His first foray in business was importing and reselling clothing from the United Kingdom.   After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Finance in 1984, Jim decided to design and build his own clothing using the best fabrics available. Over the next 36 years, customers have proudly shown us clothing they purchased years ago from SportHill that they are still using because of our quality fabrics, construction and timeless designs.  

In 1991 SportHill added the XC clothing line for extreme winter weather, focusing on cross country skiing and snow shoeing.   New products seem to follow in the path of outdoor sports Jim loves to do himself and in 2019 SportHill cycling clothing was introduced.   

Like all great companies, SportHill has evolved and improved over the years.   One thing that has remained the same, however, is our commitment to quality, functionality and customer service. Above all else we have a practical ethic and believe that clothing shouldn’t be tossed aside after minimal use. We strive to build clothes that last and are loved. We deeply appreciate our loyal customer base which includes world class athletes, adventurers, skiers, recreational runners, cyclists, and people who just like to keep moving. Customers can easily reach us via email or phone. Thank you for your support.


Customer Satisfaction

SportHill has grown to satisfy customers worldwide, designing and producing apparel that meets or exceeds the requirements of world class athletes. Our staff of competitive athletes and sponsored teams also includes Olympic Champions, National Teams, and elite adventurers who continually test, innovate, refine and improve our clothing.

From the top of Mount Everest, through the sands of the Sahara, in the snow of Antarctica, and on the Olympic medal podium, SportHill's clothing can be found, providing unmatched performance, superior quality, and guaranteed comfort. We are committed to manufacturing the world’s best performance apparel.

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