SportHill Customers Love the Lighthouse Jacket!


★★★★★ "I've been running for about 45 years so I've had a lot of different tops and jackets for inclement weather. This is the best. It's light but extremely windproof and more than reasonably water resistant in rain while not causing condensation or uncomfortable hot sweat. It's also quiet with no strange distracting sounds when you swing your arms. I've worn it in three seasons now simply by changing the weight and type of layer underneath. On top of it all it looks good too." -MHC

★★★★★ "Wore it today on a hike with just a short sleeved t-shirt underneath. It's warm and soft on the skin. Weather was 50 degrees, scattered showers, hail, and a bit of sunshine. It keep me warm and dry. Love the zip pockets for keys. Light weight made it comfortable wearing around the waist when the sun came out. This jacket is perfect for 'chance of showers' weather."

★★★★★ "I recently bought this for myself and was hoping for a jacket that would be windproof and keep me warm while running in Minnesota. I've been very happy with it. Another great Sporthill product!" -Tim


★★★★★ "This is a great jacket - lightweight but warm. Great as an outer layer on a cold or windy run. Beautiful color, well made and worth the money." -Len


★★★★★ "Some might think the price point too high, but I guarantee that this jacket will make you want to get out the door- even if you run in wet, cold pre-dawn darkness. Cars are seeing me early and my torso is warm and dry down to 25 degrees. When it gets colder, I’ll just be adding another layer and I’ll be good to go! How much would you pay for a piece of equipment that inspires you?" -Michael


★★★★★ "Very light but warmer than you might think. Was comfortable walking this morning with temperatures in the low thirties with just a long sleeve t-shirt underneath. I have not yet seen how water resistant it is. The sleeve length is a little less generous that with other SportHill outerwear I have had in the past." -Don