SportHill Customers Love the Lighthouse Vest!


★★★★★ "Great vest and just what I need. I enjoy that it is a bit roomy and looking forward to using it this summer!" -Linda

★★★★★ "Was looking for a replacement for a decade old cycling/running vest - and this one is perfect. Loved the fact that a medium is actually a medium. Too many companies seem to be shrinking all of their sizes. Works great on those chilly, windy days." -Sally

★★★★★ "My new favorite vest! Fit is perfect-lets you layer but doesn’t feel bulky and oversized. The back is the perfect length for riding and love the stylish reflective elements. Easy to throw in your bike bag for those unpredictable Oregon spring days." -Merci

★★★★★ "I've been looking for a rainy day running vest for spring season and this vest is perfect! Just like the previous reviewer, I have found there is a little more room which is actually great for layering and venting. I love that the hood can be rolled up and tucked in to the collar. The collar is also higher so that for those colder temp runs, you have more protection for your neck. This vest doesn't inhibit your movement at all, and it allows just the right amount of core warmth without overheating. I wear it on rainy days for my 5 mile run with a base layer long sleeve shirt but will wear it for other activities as well!!" -Sheila

★★★★★ "Just got the vest in a size small. It tends to run a bit large which is fine with me. I generate a lot of heat when I'm biking and skiing so the venting is good. It's very light weight and does a good job of shielding your core from the wind. I wear it over the Sporthill visibility top in similar color and looks very nice." -Susanita