Earflap Cap

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This innovative cap is built with style and purpose. The Earflap Cap is a knit winter hat with a bill that protects you from sun, wind, and snow in the face. It also has a wind protecting earband that folds into the hat when not in use.  Nordic skiers, mountaineers, and winter runners will understand the benefits!
Fabric:  Cap (100% acrylic)
            Earband:  SwiftPro™  (92% polyester, 8% spandex)
Sizes:  Small and Medium/Large
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1 Review

Rich 20th Feb 2019

Earflap Cap-Warm but small fitting

Bought the hat for those cold New England runs, it keeps me warm. I run in the dark mornings and use a hat with a brim and ear flaps. The hat size is small, but there is a hat within the hat, it can be moved forward to allow a larger head size to fit. They need to make the next model to be adjustable for all head sizes.

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