Fabric: TempTech™ – Zone 1: Over 65ºF

Men's TempTech™ Sun Hoodie

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This lightweight hoodie was designed at the request of our TempTech-loving customers who wanted sun protection for both summer and shoulder season runs, hikes and climbs. Design features include a button option for making the hood snug while being worn and thumbholes which give the top of your hands sun protection too. The TempTech™ Sun Hoodie wicks, breathes and dries quickly.  UPF 15+.

Fabric: TempTech™ (95% polyester, 5% spandex)  Fabric is UPF tested and rated at 15 for UV protection.

Men's TempTech Sun Hoodie


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(7" down from armhole)

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2 Reviews

Joe 19th Apr 2023

Best top ever, all seasons

This is easily the best piece of clothing I have ever owned. I use it all 4 seasons, it keeps me cool and protected all year round, in all conditions. Sunny ski days in the alpine, days on the river, backpacking in the summer and just wearing it casually - its on my body more often than not. Its already paid for itself with how much less sunscreen I use. Highly recommend!

Greg 27th Mar 2023


This is a very versatile component in a layering program. I have used it under a fleece hoody for extra warmth. Then when you get warmer you can flip the fleece down and still have a head covering and draft control at the neck. The addition of the button is a genius design move that really increases the versatility of the piece.

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