Fabric: Stretchweave™ – Zone 1: Over 65ºF

Men's MTB Pant

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Our Mountain Bike Pants were developed and refined with the needs of both racers and casual riders in mind. They feature comfortable, durable fabric with four-way stretch. Our adjustable cinching system at the waist ensures that this pant fits securely. They also have two zippered side pockets large enough for phones, laser-cut holes for ventilation, reinforced anti-snag knee panels, and a slim fitting design. Both pro riders and weekend warriors give this pant a big thumbs up. These pants were designed with versatility in mind and are suitable for general use.

Fabric: Stretchweave™ (63% nylon, 26% polyester, 11% spandex)

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Men's Mountain Bike Pant 

Fits Waists ranging from

26-31" 28-33" 28-33" 30-35" 30-35" 30-35" 32-37" 32-37" 32-37"
 Approximate Inseam  Length 28" 29" 31" 28" 30" 32" 29" 31" 33"



Fits Waists ranging from

34-39" 34-39" 34-39" 36-41"
 Approximate  Inseam Length 30" 32" 34" 33"

*Note that inseam lengths may vary between pant styles and may vary from pant to pant slightly in the same style and size due to the stretch nature of our fabrics.
The measurements of one pair may not match charts above exactly due to the nature of cutting and sewing stretch fabric.

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5 Reviews

Jack 25th Jul 2023

Super comfy and durable

Very similar to the shorts which I like a lot. They are very slim for an mtb pant, but also very stretchy with a high rise. I use them in pretty warm weather as we have poison oak and do not have any issues with the fabric weight. The vents work very well and they've held up to a few good crashes. The belt system is simple and works, and the extra tough kneecaps are a nice touch for those of us prone to sliding out. Currently my go to pant for bike park or trail rides.

Jim Nelson 19th Jul 2023


I’m a SportHill believer and user and have been for many years. I promoted and sold many, many of their products having worked for 15 years for a well known outdoor products retailer. The MBT cycling pant is their first product , however, that I am very unsatisfied with. A plus is the high quantity construction of the garment which is true of every one of their products I am familiar with. However, negatives here are a very baggy fit, no leg zippers, and a waistband that chafes and is uncomfortable and binds. I cannot recommend this garment.

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