Fabric: SwiftPro™ – Zone 3: Under 40ºF

Men's Zephyr Pant

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Designed with an athletic profile, this pant is both trim and super comfortable.  It's perfect for winter outdoor endeavors.  Our insulating SwiftPro stretches, wicks, breathes and dries quickly to reduce the chilling effect of perspiration.  Features include an articulated knee panel, elasticized waistband with drawstring, and 9-inch ankle zippers. Warmer than Nomad and Voyage pants.  

These pants have a slightly longer inseam then normal.

"I love this pant for running when it's below 40 F. "  Jim Hill, CEO and Founder

Fabric:  SwiftDry™ SwiftPro™ (92% polyester, 8% spandex)

Men's Zephyr Pant    Fit: Semi-fitted; Comfort rise
Fits Waists ranging from 28-34" 30-36" 30-36" 30-36" 32-38" 32-38" 32-38" 34-40" 34-40" 34-40" 36-42"
 Approximate  Inseam Length 29" 28" 30" 32" 29" 31" 33" 33" 30"  35" 33"

*Note that inseam lengths may vary between pant styles and may vary from pant to pant slightly in the same style and size due to the stretch nature of our fabrics.
The measurements of one pair may not match charts above exactly due to the nature of cutting and sewing stretch fabric.

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36 Reviews

steverino 24th Nov 2022

Zephyr Pants - perfect for morning power walk in winter

I hemmed and hawed about buying a pair of these Zephyr pants for a while. I am tall and relatively slim, so off the rack pants are sort of hit and miss in terms of sizing for me. I finally buckled and ordered a pair. Well, they fit perfectly as advertised in the sizing guide. They are super comfortable and work really well for my morning power walks from the mid 30s (deg F) down to the mid 20s (so far). They breathe just enough and keep me adequately warm. I liked them so much that I've ordered a pair of the XC pants since they might work for even colder / windier conditions. We'll see how well they hold up over time, but so far I am very happy with them.

Mark 8th Mar 2022

Zephyr Pants-Swiftpro

Going on year three of these pants and I'm still amazed by them. Incredible comfort and fit! I don't understand how I can run in 20deg weather and stay warm and still wear them a pajama bottoms to bed and not be too warm. Magical! I've tried several brands and styles but these are my favorites. I hope they offer different colors some day. Great product!!

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