Fabric: 3SP® – Zone 3: Under 40ºF

3SP® XC® Tech Glove

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The XC® Tech Glove features sleek style lines with the additional benefit of smart phone compatibility. Works extremely well for highly aerobic activities such as running, cross-country skiing, hiking, and cycling. This glove offers 3SP® wind resistance, comfortable maneuverability and lightweight protection. Suitable for general use.

  • 3SP® (90% polypropylene, 10% spandex)
  • SwiftDry™SwiftPro™ (92% polyester, 8% spandex)
  • Boxed, full-finger glove
  • Tech-Touch pointer fingers & thumbs
  • Gripper dot on pliable SwiftPro™ palms
  • Pop-proof stretch seams
  • 3SP® back hand and wrist
  • SwiftPro™ fabric blocks the wind to 25 mph
  • 3SP® Fabric blocks the wind to 35 mph

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2 Reviews

Jim 25th Oct 2021

Using for running, walking, spring cross country skiing, spring and fall cycling

The main fabric on the backhand does a good job of stopping wind and it works fairly well in light rain. As I have gotten older I've needed warmer gloves. These work for me when it's above 35 degrees on a sunny cross country ski day or if it's cloudy or rainy above 40 degrees.

KD 23rd Oct 2021

Quality but limited warmth

Disappointed in these. Lifelong SportHill Fan, but these are not war. Used in 48 degree weather and had cold hands. Cant imagine using these for cc skiing or truly cold weather runs etc.

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