Fabric: 3SP® – Zone 3: Under 40ºF

3SP® XC® Tech Glove

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The XC® Tech Glove features sleek style lines with the additional benefit of smart phone compatibility. Works extremely well for highly aerobic activities such as running, cross-country skiing, hiking, and cycling. This glove offers 3SP® wind resistance, comfortable maneuverability and lightweight protection. Suitable for general use.

  • 3SP® (90% polypropylene, 10% spandex)
  • SwiftDry™SwiftPro™ (92% polyester, 8% spandex)
  • Boxed, full-finger glove
  • Tech-Touch pointer fingers & thumbs
  • Gripper dot on pliable SwiftPro™ palms
  • Pop-proof stretch seams
  • 3SP® back hand and wrist
  • SwiftPro™ fabric blocks the wind to 25 mph
  • 3SP® Fabric blocks the wind to 35 mph


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5 Reviews

Anthony 28th Jan 2023

3sp tech gloves

Gloves are surprisingly thin and surprisingly warm. They work well with my smartphone

Joan Mayer 21st Jan 2023

Made Hands Even Colder

I REALLY wanted to love these gloves. I thought I might have finally found a pair of gloves that would actually keep my hands warm -- even just a bit warmer than the outside temp, which has only been in the mid-40's (and sunny). Not only did they not keep my hands warm, but they made them even colder. The air got trapped in the tips and just got colder, instead of warming up. The cuff fabric is stiff so it leaves gaps for air to get through. I covered the cuffs with my jacket but again, no part of my hands or fingers ever warmed up. SO disappointed.

I already paid for return shipping once so I could get a better fitting size, but the smaller size didn't work. I'm tired of paying for returns so will just donate them. Or wear them for gardening. LOL!

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