Fabric: Triplex HT

Women's Triplex Slim Pant


SportHill customers love the natural fiber feel and high performance qualities of our tried and true Triplex HT™ fabric. This slim fitting, mid-rise, tapered-leg pant has zippers at the ankles, a back zippered pocket and an internal drawcord at the waist. Simple...but no too simple.

Triplex HT (36% polyester, 26% acrylic, 26% rayon, 12% spandex)

  • Mid-Rise
  • Slim tapered fit
  • FitFlat waistband with drawcord
  • Back zippered pocket
  • 7-inch ankle zippers
Women's Triplex Slim Pant    Fit: Semi-fitted; Mid-rise
Waist 26-29" 28-31" 28-37" 28-31" 30-33" 30-33" 30-33" 32-35" 32-35" 32-35" 34-37"
Garment Inseam Length 27" 27" 29" 31" 28" 30" 33" 29.5" 31" 34" 32"

*Note that inseam lengths may vary between pant styles and may vary from pant to pant slightly in the same style and size due to the stretch nature of our fabrics.
The measurements of one pair may not match chart above exactly due to the nature of cutting and sewing stretch fabric.

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yes, the sizing has changed.

I've been wearing these pants for years on a daily basis. They're comfortable most of the year in the Pacific Northwest and great for most any activity. That said, they do wear out eventually and sadly there is no size even close to those I've been wearing. I'm 5'6" and about 130#. I've been wearing the Large petite because I like a loose fit. The current large mediums are about 4" larger in the hips (sending those back) than the pants I've been wearing and the mediums are a bit too tight in the waist and a snugger fit in the hips. So the difference between the medium and large is huge! All this is very discouraging for a brand I like but can only try on by mail order.

Stephanie 19th Feb 2021

Sizing has changed.

I have worn this product for many years and really love it. Unfortunately, the sizing has changed and not for the better. I normally wear a medium regular. Now, even the small is too baggy around the waist and hips. The XS fits, but is too short and doesn’t come in long. I went ahead and bought the XS and am wearing it, but sure wish the sizing for this pant was better. I probably won’t buy it in the future and am bummed about that.

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